• design

    I like originality, I appreciate most people like conformity, if your a bit a like me, perhaps not wanting to be the leader of the pack or doing the next big thing, preferring to simply provide something that exceeds expectations whilst full filling all requirements... I might just be able to help...

  • development

    The starting point to achieve development is to get someone who can analyse all associated elements and then provide an outline to all parties concerned.

    I have quite a unique cross section of experience and skills, from business to product... take a look

  • support

    An extra set of hands, pair of eyes and ears all attached to a fully conversant human being.. really quite useful at times...

  • communications

    Interactions, whether these be internal, digital, part of a new awareness campaign or measurable response mechanisms, each one needs to be clear, achieve your goals and be actionable... talk to me

why opt for me?

You'd get a lot more tech,  a lot more resource and a lot more people employed on any project you employed an agency for...


So why come to me?







Maintain control












Cost effective




You can still go to an agency, however come to me first and you will be able to employ the agency with a very clear instruction.









From outline and configuration designs for websites, databases and packaging through to finished artwork for print or digital.

Product analysis and strategy, systems and communications, through to concept works and project management.



Back-up for data, databases, artworks, pitches and content updates.

Internal and external communications, analysis, updates, marketing and reporting , providing independent assistance to achieve your goals.

about i


I have studied business, design and food sciences as well as areas such as product management and analytics with keen interests in many areas of design and foods. I have extensive experience working in employed positions and have created many products and marketing promotions utilising  my own designs. I have spent approximately 11 years within the entrepreneurial landscape.

Notable experience:


iQ series, various independent works across the UK, namely Chester and  Henley-on-Thames.


Manchester Business School, marketing and sales support for two intakes, based in the North Wales office. I exceeded all targets.


Artavia Advertising, multiple account management across traditional and digital media, always a top ten achiever.


Marketing executive roles extend to areas of training programmes, organics, financial products, property and charitable products.


Hotels, retail and foods works extend across almost all areas.

Career explainer:


I'm one of those people that cause computer algorithms problems.


Because of this I thought Id write a few lines that perhaps make sense of a CV that looks a bit like I must be in my 60s and perhaps a bit erratic.


Essentially, I have invariably had hobbies and projects on the go, these have consistently generated considerable interest, and as such have grown.


I have therefore often had my own projects running alongside employment.  I have successfully  started a number of small businesses, worked in numerous hotel and tourism roles and worked to quite high levels within equestrian, chef and design activities.


I have never had a big career break or been rich, I have achieved a lot and... met a lot of people. I am a professional with qualifications and many, many years experience.



Annie Veale


During 2016 I launched a small collection of gifts and greetings ranges, which are available through retailers and online. I am continuing with these works and would be happy to hear from crafters and professionals interested in joining me to take it to another level.



other websites iQrecipes



Design, development, new business and support ...


I have an excellent track record across many sectors, with demonstrable portfolios covering areas of concept development for marketing and online platforms, product and collateral.


If you need someone to analyse, develop and deliver whilst supporting your existing team, call me.

I have worked in marketing roles both agency and client side, with google, SEO and PPC featuring since 2000, I have developed unique digital campaigns since 2003 and many responsive and dynamic websites creating aesthetic resources for both business and consumer.







web architecture




Current projects and activities...



West Sussex. GB. 07714 400650


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